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Our mission is to empower businesses with the latest technologies, bringing innovative solutions to the forefront of their industries.

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Outsourcing services that streamline your operations and reduce workload.

Online Solutions

We offer online solutions to every digital problem.

UniEd Study Services(Online Application Platform)

Cloud Computing

We help companies access data and applications from anywhere, anytime with cloud computing.

Telephony & Networking

Enhance your customer experience with our advanced networking and telephony solutions 

Family Counselling Centre(Call Centre, WIFI Range Extension)


We help companies embrace the digital age with our comprehensive digitization solutions.

Family Counselling Centre(Custom Finance Requisition/ Reconciliation)

Cyber Security

We help businesses stay ahead of the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape with our advanced cybersecurity solutions

Family Counselling Centre( Layer 3 Filter for VOIP Call Centre, Data anonymization for CONFIDENTIAL Client Records)

Mobile and Web Development

Transform your business with our cutting-edge mobile and web development solutions

Family Counselling Center(Call Center App)

Ali-Douglas Research Network(Tjidzo App)


 is a software development company that focuses on developing  cutting-edge technologies. Our engineering team specialize in developing bespoke software for businesses who wish to optimize their productivity or develop their e-commerce division. We also build applications for SMEs (small-medium enterprises) and Startups, helping them boost their revenues or visualize their idea into minimum viable and scalable products.

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Perfection Anytime

We prioritize efficiency in every step of our working process to ensure our customers' utmost interest in terms of time and budget

Premium Customer Support

We are available whenever you need our support, at your convenience, to ensure a smooth communication and collaboration throughout each project

Proactive Problem-solving Attitude

Every collaboration has its own issues and problems. However, we always go one step forwards to find a win-win solution to overcome challenges and go through blockage.

High Quality and Timeline Commitment

We believe that transparency and honest commitment are the basement for a successful collaboration. "Never over-promise" is our motto.

Advance Technology

We spend our time and efforts to master evolving technologies to ensure our customers always have the best frameworks available.


As a tech startup ourselves, we understand the struggles and challenges that each entrepreneur faces everyday, so we always try to consult and propose the most suitable solutions in terms of cost/outcome effectiveness.

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